Stephen Siaw is a Professional Photography Director and Art Director, running the commercial photography and commercial video production business for more than 10 years. He has a proclivity for finding creative ways of maximizing visual appeal and commercial value.

With his prowess in developing outstanding commercial photographs and videos which cover from aesthetic fundamentals to emotional leads, from effective marketing message to entertainment value, Stephen demonstrates his ability to create "uniqueness" in each of his work for his wide range of clients.

Through the coherence of his innovative marketing skill and business mind, and his high quality video or photo production, Stephen builds powerful marketing weapon - an innovative & significant marketing experience for his clients. It is a highly effective tool for his clients to communicate with the potential consumers.

Stephen’s many years of experience standing as a creative consultant and a business consultant, made him understands the art of juggling the demands of the creative and business world without neglecting the clients’ need.

Through the coherence of his innovative marketing skill, experience and the knowledge of developing high value marketing content, Stephen builds powerful weapon for his clients to stimulate the market. This is a highly effective tool for his clients to communicate with their prospects for Stephen creates an innovative and significant marketing experience for them.

It is proven through out the years, as Stephen's business has grown rapidly with word of mouth recommendation and today Stephen is well recognized for his expertise and professionalism.

Stephen believes communication with his clients as one of the most important aspects in his work.

"It's a collaborative effort and one of the keys in creating successful visual communications in the photographs or video for my clients. I'm proud of the many ongoing close relationships that I've built with my clients through out my professional work."

With the understanding of the requirements of each job, Stephen knows how to work with tight budgets and schedules and at the same time effectively overcoming challenges either technically or artistically.